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GDPR Readiness Package

The Challenge

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018. For Salesforce customers, the good news is that the product is fully compliant. The challenge now is for your business to get compliant.

The Solution

With CLOUT Partners we can help you get there by ensuring your data inventory is logged appropriately, data requests are handled efficiently and marketing preferences for your customers are all set up. We’ll also work with you to map out your marketing privacy policies and procedures to ensure they are easy to understand.

Our GDPR Readiness Package is tailored to suit the way you run your business. It starts at £5,000 / €5,634 and includes the following:

Workshop 1

– Identify potentially sensitive fields using Map processes on for data requests and identify case managers

– Map processes on for data requests and identify case managers

Workshop 2

– Identify any additional marketing preferences and create the actions that need to fire off the back of those preference changes. E.G What to do if they check “Do Not Track”

*If Apex code or triggers are required then a separate, custom SOW is required


– Activate Individual object and create marketing preference fields in Salesforce- Add to lead/contact layout. Also map these fields to Pardot if applicable

– Set up email or web to case to route data requests in Salesforce

– Write validation rules or workflows for marketing preferences

– Set up of Salesforce web-to-lead or Pardot forms / form handlers for marketing opt-in checkbox and hosting of privacy policy

– Half day of training and handover

Cost may vary depending on technical requirements resulting from the second workshop (e.g. Apex or workflows).

* Optional 8 hours to batch update Leads/Contacts after set up, at an additional cost of £1,000

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