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360 Degrees of Insight

Company Background


Valiance is a specialist investment firm operating since 2008. One of their pillars of success is the pride they take in building close relationships with clients and offering their network to new and privileged growth capital investment opportunities.


The Challenge


Valiance’s growth had surpassed what their previous CRM was capable of. With a clear goal in sight the company wanted a scalable platform that could help with that growth and effectively utilise its’ large network of clients and partners.

Their main form of communication was through email. Valiance needed a way of giving the whole investment team a 360 degree view of their clients and how Valiance had interacted with them previously – especially on the move, as most of the team spent a lot of their time on-site with clients.

Finally, Valiance needed to give their team a snapshot of client’s investments in a single view; they didn’t have access to this in their old CRM as the information was in silos and not mobile-accessible.


The Solution


Valiance were looking for a new CRM that had the capability to give their team a 360 degree view of their contacts and investments throughout the whole team and also remotely.

Valiance’s Human Capital department also wanted to create a link between potential positions available to their contacts.

The solution delivered was a build and configuration of Sales Cloud with some additional custom objects for Valiance to track their investments and also affiliate certain contacts to potential board positions. The products implemented were:


.Salesforce Sales Cloud logo

Our DEEP Methodology


CLOUT’s DEEP Methodology is the key to rapidly Deploying an initial implementation in line with our client’s desired business outcomes.

Once the customer team has had a chance to Experience the new solution and see the return on their investment, they typically start working on further Enhancements that drive improved business results and ultimately, Profit.

For Valiance, a rapid Deployment was required and they are currently in the Experience phase, with further Enhancements expected in the near future.


The Outcome


An important part of what Valiance does is being able to create links between customers and being able to view those links. Salesforce has given the whole team a 360 degree view of their customers. It tracks customer investments and potential links to board member positions which their previous CRM was unable to do.

The Valiance team spend a lot of time on the road visiting clients. Salesforce1 gives them all of the customer information they need on a mobile device, which was previously not available to them.


What Our Customers Say


Alice Penrose, Investment Relationship Manager, Valiance:

“We were using an out of date CRM which wasn’t meeting our business needs as we were growing. CLOUT came in and were great at understanding our needs and relating them in Salesforce in a way which could match our growth. Now the whole team has a 360 degree view of the company. They have provided us with invaluable after-care which has helped us adjust the platform with custom builds more tailored to our business model. We would suggest CLOUT for any financial services company that is looking to implement the Salesforce platform”.

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CLOUT is unique in our focus on game-changing business outcomes delivered to our customers in transparent and easy to digest steps using DEEP – all assured by years of practical Salesforce business implementation experience.

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