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We’ve completed over 400 projects to date and are proud to have worked with all of our customers. The case studies and testimonials below are just a flavour of some of the companies we’ve teamed up with; from start-ups to scale-ups, SMEs and large commercial organisations, we’ve worked across multiple industries and sectors.

Case Studies

“We are reasonably tech savvy but Salesforce is a big implementation and having CLOUT was crucial for us to ensure a smooth transition from our old systems and getting us set up right from the start!”

Vincent O'Donoghue

COO, SocialTalent

“We build our own software at Scurri, and we have a very technical team. However we understand the value of expertise. We engaged CLOUT so that we could focus on what we were good at, and gain the expertise of a technical partner who was good at Salesforce”

Rory O'Connor

CEO, Scurri

“Whenever faced with a challenge that didn’t have a direct solution on Salesforce, CLOUT would endeavour to find the best possible workaround”

Katy Langham

Director of Operations and Programmes, Education & Employers Taskforce

“CLOUT have helped change the game for us using the Salesforce platform”

Alicia Whiley

Sales & Marketing Manager, Havwoods Accessories

“CLOUT have provided us with invaluable after care which has helped us adjust the platform with custom builds more tailored to our business model”

Alice Penrose

Investment Relationship Manager, Valiance

“CLOUT’s implementation team provided an extremely professional and supportive environment and this specifically got us to the place where we feel we are very confident with the system.”

Rebecca Teasdale

Global Head of HR, MicroEnsure


“We are live with a new Salesforce solution which manages both our sales process and production process. CLOUT were essential in our successful implementation. No challenge phased them and they were extremely flexible”

Andrew Ryan

CRM Analyst, Cairn Homes plc

“CLOUT went above and beyond to get the project delivered in the very ambitious timeframe we set. The team are exceptionally knowledgeable, collaborative, helpful and great to work with. They were very transparent with the Project Management and flexible on changes to scope ensuring they delivered a great product.”

Lauren Bermel

IT Project Manager, Condeco Software

“The stand out features we experienced was consultant flexibility and quick solution provision. All issue were dealt with in a very quick timeframe.”

Lizzie Tompsett

Financial Operations Manager, Amino Communications

“The team from CLOUT were brilliant. They were real experts in what they did. We had no-end of questions that they were always happy to answer. The CLOUT team were excellent, very professional and I would be happy to recommend them to other companies”

Tim Massey

UK Sales Team Manager, Trilogiq

“This is very much a proof of concept that could lead to a very large take up with Multitone and we appreciate the effort put in by the team at CLOUT”

Ed Paterson

Director of Operations, Multitone Electronics

“Our CLOUT consultants proved to be good listeners to our needs and translated these into a perfect CRM for our company. They also created a trustful relationship in the joined journey to further develop. We just started but have already seen the benefits of working with Salesforce”

Marco de Vlaming

Managing Director, TCP Solutions

“It is vital to have a partner that can understand exactly what you need and be able to translate this into the Salesforce functionality – which CLOUT did seamlessly. It has been fantastic to work with CLOUT and this new system has completely revolutionised our business, opening up so many new opportunities for growth”

Erin Lane

Change Manager, IrishRelo

The CLOUT consultant took the time to understand our individual way of using Salesforce which provided for excellent and comprehensive training of our staff. This meant the consultant was able to make suggestions and changes to improve the ease of use and productivity of our team when using Salesforce

Amy Sweetman

Membership Services & Public Affairs, Restaurant Association of Ireland

“We’ve been particularly impressed with their ability to quickly transform our custom business requirements into a set of Salesforce functionality that even relative newcomers to the platform find easy to adopt. We regard CLOUT as an essential partner and look forward to their continued support”

Richard Goemaat

Business Development Director, mporium

“We’re already seeing huge benefits since working with CLOUT and Salesforce, including increased visibility of our pipeline, strengthened team communications and a single customer view”

Sam Thorne

Marketing Operations Executive, Crisp Thinking

“We were very impressed with the level of service and expertise at CLOUT. We have no hesitation in strongly recommending them for any sized business”

Elliot Hyams

Head of Business Development, Polypouch

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