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Salesforce Summer '18 Release

The Salesforce Summer ’18 Release Notes are available and here at CLOUT, Jawaad Shah and Rose Duong have compiled 10 of their favourite new features!


Faster Personalisation of the Navigation Bar

The UI has been improved by allowing users to personalise the navigation bar quicker. Tabs can now be directly reordered from the navigation bar.


Improved Search Functionality

When you want to search an object, you can cut the clutter, and see results only for what you’re searching for, from anywhere in the app. Choose any searchable object in the dropdown list next to the global search box. Enter your search term, and both instant results and full search results are limited to that object.


Path Now Available for Contacts and Work Orders

Pretty straightforward stuff here and very handy for focusing on developing relationships with the key contacts in organisations. Paths are also available to track the status of work orders, work order line items, and service appointments.


Add HTML and Attachments in Lightning Email Templates

A much needed addition for those of us who use exciting HTML email templates instead of plain text. While creating or editing a Lightning email template, click Source. Edit the HTML tags and the content. Click Source again to see a preview. Files can also be attached through drag and drop. Save yourself some clicks. To add an attachment to an email, drag the file into the body of the email.


Subfolders for Reports and Dashboards

A particularly nice addition for those of us who love to stay organised, you can now create subfolders for reports and dashboards. Note you can create a maximum of 3 levels.


Subscribe Others to Dashboards

Have you created a shiny new dashboard? Want to make sure everyone gets an updated version on a particular date and time? No problem! Now you can subscribe others to your dashboard and make sure they get up to date information at the right time.


List View for Tasks

A small but nice new feature to keep you organised. Filter by status to make sure you get your most important tasks done that day


Kanban View for Tasks

It would appear there has been a big focus on UI and organisation in the Summer ’18 Release! Tasks can also be viewed using the Kanban. If you’ve got a lot on your plate, this is super helpful for giving a visual representation of where you’re at with your workload.


Duplicate Record Check on Custom Objects

A super helpful feature for keeping data clean and consistent is now available on custom objects. Currently, its only available for Performance and Unlimited editions but is due to be extended to other editions in future releases.


Scramble Specific Users’ or Customers’ Data

The hills are alive with the sound of GDPR and this is just one of Salesforce’s features to help you with compliance. When users or customers no longer want their personal data recognised in Salesforce, you can permanently scramble it with the new System.UserManagement.obfuscateUser Apex method. However, be careful using this method. When you invoke the method for that user, the data becomes anonymous, and you can never recover it.


I hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite new features in the Summer ’18 Release. If you’d like to discuss your Salesforce deployment, a move from Classic to Lightning Experience or simply want to extend your use of the world’s number one CRM, please get in touch using the form below!

Rose and Jawaad


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