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Every year, we run the CLOUT Academy, where we take six graduates into the business, train them up in cloud technology and turn them into certified Consultants. Our graduates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we do not actively look for those with technical skills or experience. We’re looking for passionate, talented people, who want to make a difference to our customers, using cloud-based technologies like Salesforce, SagePeople and Kimble. There’s lost more information about the programme on and this week on the blog, CLOUT Academy Graduate Robin Holloway, talks about her journey and experiences to date:


Robin HollowayI graduated with a BASc from McGill University, where I explored the intersection of behavioural neuroscience and economics in the classroom, and the political climate surrounding the global pharmaceutical industry in my spare time. I then worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, then as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of an international Human Resources firm. 

While this collection of activities seems…diverse, I quickly realised how impactful technology can be in almost every business, and how few people had a good grasp on how to utilise it effectively. I also realised that my technical knowledge was not where I wanted it to be. This led me to fly across the Atlantic and join the CLOUT Academy.

Since joining the team, I am already surprised by how easily I can accomplish technical tasks that mystified me only a few months ago. The learning curve is fast, but the rewards are plentiful. We learn to do a comprehensive analysis of clients’ business processes to understand how to construct software in the best way to improve their productivity, and gain the satisfaction from working with a difficult problem to get it just right.

CLOUT Partners has provided a supportive and motivating work environment. The team possess the rare combination of expertise from industry veterans, with the flexibility of a smaller group. I can easily reach out to several senior colleagues with years of experience when I need help, which truly makes for a fantastic learning experience. 

All of our vacancies are available on the Careers page so take a look and see if you’d like to climb aboard the rocket ship!

Robin Holloway

CLOUT Academy Graduate