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Vicky Monahan, three-time Salesforce certified consultant, has rounded up some of the latest and greatest Pardot features that have been released over the last few weeks and months. The world’s number one marketing automation tool keeps getting better and better!


Security Alert!

A much needed security feature has just been added to Pardot. In the email preference centre, you can no longer put in any email address you choose. It is designed to ensure that users are unsubscribing and setting preferences to their own emails and not anyone else’s. This field is now read-only and auto-populates with the email address from your prospect profile, provided you are viewing the page from the browser on which the Pardot cookie has been placed.


Engagement Studio Scheduled Email Date and Time

Pardot’s engagement studio is a powerful lead nurturing tool; with its easy to use visual campaign builder, wide range of triggers and actions and the various reporting metrics which are all provided.

One great feature is the ease of use of Engagement Studio but it was missing one very necessary thing for many of its customers, that being the need to have follow up emails be sent on a specific date.

What was included with Pardot is the ability to send automated emails from the Engagement Studio immediately or wait a selected number of days.

Now we can choose exactly the date we would like these actions such as emails to fire.

Let’s say there is a an upcoming event and we want to ensure the customer is aware of this event nearer to the intended date. We can now send them reminder emails on a selected date before the event.


SSL for Vanity Domains

Up until now Pardot only had an SSL certificate for the URL, this meant that since it couldn’t support HTTPS in vanity domain URLs. The result was for HTTPS sites you had to use the default URL provided by Pardot which was as follows in order to avoid the security warning. So from February 1st Pardot has offered SSL for vanity domains, allowing you to maintain your brand and your customers’ trust when prospects and customers see the green padlock and the secure label.


Emojis for Social Posts and Email Subject Lines

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Many marketing platforms may not support emoji’s natively, but marketers have managed to find workaround solutions, for example copying and pasting the desired emoji from external sites. Still, the methods take time and effort.

One of Pardots latest features is the ability to use emoji’s in an email subject line. You can know access them by navigating to the Advanced Subject Composer, accessible from both the Building and Sending tab.

You can now also access the emoji panel through the social posting feature in Pardot.


Here at CLOUT Partners we have implemented Pardot for dozens of customers, of all sizes across a wide variety of industries. We have a range of packages available to meet your implementation requirements so if you’d like to discuss your project further, please get in touch using the form below.

Vicky Monahan


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