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When the founders of Clout established the company five years ago, our goal was to create a different type of partner in the Salesforce ecosystem—one that would focus on the customer’s business outcomes and make it the best place to work by partnering with our employees. 

Our management team had helped drive Salesforce’s amazing growth in EMEA starting in 2002, and we knew there was a better approach to delivering services in the Salesforce world–so we set out to do just that. 

When we sat down to plan the next five years for Clout, we realised that we needed to consider joining our forces with a larger team if we were to remain relevant in a UK market where Salesforce had recently invested $2.5 billion. But we were sceptical about being able to find a partner who would share our values and commitment to investing in company culture. 

That was when we met Ryan Westwood and Lance Evanson from Simplus. We were genuinely excited to find a fast-growing company with a truly global scale and potential that not only shared our core values around customer and employee success, but that had taken those values a step further than we had at Clout and created a truly unique company culture. 

As we worked towards the acquisition, we met lots of people from across the organisation and around the world, all of whom went out of their way to welcome us to the Simplus family. We knew we had found the right home for Clout. 

Now, as Simplus Europe with offices in London and Dublin, we look forward to bringing the global capabilities of Simplus to EMEA. We plan to build on our core team of experts and continue to grow our Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Conga business—all areas of focus for Simplus. Additionally, Clout offers managed services and health checks, which is similar to Simplus’ existing managed services practice. When you pair that with Simplus’ additional services, such as advisory services and MuleSoft, Simplus and Clout are setting the bar for exceptional Salesforce services in Europe. 

The future is bright and more global than ever now that Clout has joined Simplus.


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