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Today we hear from our eight-time Salesforce certified consultant, Andrew Rice about what’s new from Salesforce’s fastest growing product, Field Service Lightning (FSL). FSL is a mobile app and communications service built to help field workers like elevator mechanics and cable repair technicians manage their schedules and track their jobs.


Knowledge Articles on Work Orders

To help your field agents carry out their jobs in the most efficient manner you can now attach Knowledge Articles to Work Orders. You can use Work Types to automatically relate relevant articles so Agents are properly equipped with all the knowledge needed. This also means experienced agents can update articles with the latest best practices on the fly.


Path on Work Orders

A path is now available for the Work Order, Work Order Line item and Service Appointment, allowing you to include key fields & guidance for success for each step to resolving a job down to the level of depth required for your use case.


Auto-Generate Work Orders

Previously you would need to generate your Work Orders manually from a Maintenance Schedule. Now you will be able to schedule the plan to automatically create the Work Orders once the last plan is complete.


Maintenance Plan Related List

You can now view the Maintenance Plan record directly from the Account, Contact or Location record.


Criteria-Based Sharing for Field Service

This provides more granular control over your sharing settings for field service records and is now available for Location, Product Item, Return Order, Service Appointment, Service Resource, Service Territory and Work Type.


Field Service App

Lightning and Mobile Actions are now available through the field service app. Offline records can now include the Chatter feed and will allow the user to post/comment or upload files, images can be viewed in Knowledge Articles. Finally, barcode scanning is now available to capture 1D serial barcodes or 2D QR codes and multiple signatures can now be captured on a service report.


Field Service Lightning is a fantastic product in the Salesforce suite that can accelerate your customer service by getting maintenance and/or repair work done quickly. It enables business to track jobs that need to be done and manage their worker’s schedules.

If you’d like to learn more about Field Service Lightning or discuss your implementation, please get in touch using the form below



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