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Message from the CEO

We are thrilled to be joining a world-class organization like Simplus. I’m confident that Clout’s presence in Europe and excellence in delivery together with Simplus’ proven global model and achievements is a winning combination that will enable us to better serve our customers and help them achieve their business outcomes.”

—Kieran Carrick, Clout CEO.
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CLOUT is in business to deliver game-changing business outcomes in the cloud. Game-changing outcomes that enable you to increase your revenue, margin or market share, and accelerate your return on investment with the world’s leading cloud based business applications; Salesforce, Kimble and Sage People. Informed by decades of practical experience, we have seen first-hand and in all scales of organisation the game-changing business potential of Salesforce. That excited us to brand and form our own company focused on ‘cloud outcomes’ – thus CLOUT was born in 2014. Since then we have helped change the game for over 190 customers who now enjoy the day to day benefits of Salesforce, Kimble and Sage People.

Condeco Software

“CLOUT went above and beyond to get the project delivered in the very ambitious timeframe we set. The team are exceptionally knowledgeable, collaborative, helpful and great to work with. They were very transparent with the Project Management and flexible on changes to scope ensuring they delivered a great product.”

Cairn Homes PLC

“We are live with a new Salesforce solution which manages both our sales process and production process. CLOUT were essential in our successful implementation. No challenge phased them and they were extremely flexible”


“We are reasonably tech savvy but Salesforce is a big implementation and having CLOUT was crucial for us to ensure a smooth transition from our old systems and getting us set up right from the start!”