CLOUT is in business to deliver game-changing business outcomes in the cloud. Game-changing outcomes that enable you to increase your revenue, margin or market share, and accelerate your return on investment with the world’s leading cloud based business applications; Salesforce, Kimble and Sage People.

Informed by decades of practical experience, we have seen first-hand and in all scales of organisation the game-changing business potential of Salesforce. That excited us to brand and form our own company focused on ‘cloud outcomes’ – thus CLOUT was born in 2014.

Since then we have helped change the game for over 100 Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers who now enjoy the day to day benefits of Salesforce, Kimble and Sage People.


We help you define game-changing yet realistic business outcomes for your cloud investment – and a plan to achieve them based on our unique DEEP methodology – Deploy, Experience, Enhance, Profit.


Each stage of the DEEP journey delivers rapid outcomes which are packaged, incremental and transparent – so you are in control.

With Deploy, we configure your initial cloud in a simple manner to map to your business. We encourage adoption and knowledge transfer to you as early as possible through Experience. Now sharing a common language, you will likely want to Enhance capability in intelligent ways appropriate to your business. Finally, we measure the actual business outcomes through Profit.


We deliver the best cloud outcomes because we work with the best application partners. Our depth of relationship and focus offers unrivalled business and technology deployment experience to assure you of outstanding results.


CLOUT’s experienced delivery team helps Salesforce customers achieve their desired Business Outcomes, be it increased revenue, margin or market share.

At CLOUT, we manage all facets of the Sage People HR Management System (HRMS) implementation ensuring a timely, hassle free experience, allowing fast benefit realisation.


CLOUT works with customers to seamlessly deploy the Kimble Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to meet the growing needs of a Services business.


At CLOUT we have big ambitions to deliver game-changing business outcomes – in easy to digest steps using DEEP. Our assurance of this to you is founded on a unique depth of experience in deploying the Salesforce cloud and guiding associated business change.

CLOUT’s Founders include Kieran Carrick, Nanik Mirpuri, Arun Naik and Pinal Patel, backed by Paul Andrew, Dr Steve Garnett and Sue Goble as Advisors. This team were intimately involved in growing Salesforce Europe starting over 10 years ago. We have directly enabled the business success of many of Salesforce’s most prestigious customers in the region.

Our experience is today complemented by a rapidly expanding team of consultants who are experts in the domains of business change, operational management, governance and Salesforce cloud technology.

If you have ambitions to deliver game-changing cloud outcomes, we want to hear from you – please email careers@cloutpartners.com

  • customer


    Vincent O'Donoghue, Social Talent

  • customer


    “CLOUT got under the skin of our business and ensured we achieved our business outcomes.
    CLOUT and Salesforce have been a game-changer for us”

    Vincent O’Donoghue, COO Social Talent

  • customer


    ”We’re already seeing huge benefits since working with CLOUT and Salesforce including increased visibility of the pipeline, strengthened team communications and single customer view.”

    Sam Thorne, Marketing Operations Executive, Crisp

  • customer


    “CLOUT have helped change the game for us using the Salesforce platform”

    Alicia Whiley, Sales and Marketing Manager, Havwoods Accessories


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